How to keep blond long hair healthy?

Blond long hair – it’s associated with beauty, youth and glamour. So many people would love to have blonde long hair but the reality is that it is extremely difficult to maintain and to keep healthy.

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Prepare before you dye

Before you get your hair dyed make sure it is in good health, especially when trying to achieve long blonde hair as it will be prone to breakage once you dye it.

The dye will stick better, there will be less hair breakage and it will be easier to maintain. The darker your hair and the worse the condition the harder it will be to (1) dye (2) keep healthy (3) maintain.
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Getting your hair prepared

Again, depending on the color, texture and whether or not you have dyed your hair before will depend on when you will need to start preparing your hair (this will vary from person to person).

If you wash your hair everyday try to cut back to once every two days (the oil in your hair keeps it healthy).

Switch to a clarifying shampoo and conditioner such as Aussi Mega Shampoo and Conditioner to avoid product build up in the days before you get your hair done.
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Going to the Hairdresser!!

I cannot stress enough to go to the hairdresser if you want to achieve blonde long hair. It’s worth the extra Money!!

You wont end up with orange hair or a burnt scalp, you also wont end up with half your hair falling out.
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What to get done?

Should you bleach your whole head? Get a full or half head of highlights? This all depends on how much you want to spend and how healthy your hair is.

I always recommend getting highlights, a full head for full coverage and a half head if you want some of you natural color to show through.

When trying to achieve long blonde hair, bleaching your hair is a bit cheaper and will give you all over coverage but will take a lot of effort to maintain both by needing to constantly retouch roots and taking extreme care of it so that it wont break .
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Doing it yourself

Although I highly advise to get your hair done professionally, especially when you are trying to achieve blonde long hair, sometimes its just not affordable.

If you have black or red hair, you really under no circumstances should attempt to bleach your own hair. It will take many sessions and you more than likely will end up with orange hair.

If your hair is brown or dark blonde and you decide to do it yourself make sure to follow the above steps and prepare for a few weeks beforehand.

If you want to go really blonde you will probably have to pre bleach your hair and user toner afterwards to cool down the shade.
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Now that you have finally achieved your goal of long blonde hair, you now must maintain it! Switch from the clarifying Shampoo & Conditioner to either a Shampoo for dry and damaged hair or a shampoo for color protection depending on how good of condition your hair is in.

Try to avoid washing your hair everyday as on top of your natural oils being very good for your hair the fluoride in our water slowly fades blonde hair.

Try to do a treatment once a week on your hair, I recommend kerastase hair mask or Aussi three minute miracle treatment.

Always use heat protector spray before styling with heat and try not to use the hairdryer every time you wash!
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Blond long hair may be difficult to achieve let alone maintain but in my opinion is very much worth it. Follow these tips and you will have long luscious blond locks in no time!
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