Curls for short hair – 15 methods to make your short hair most attractive

Curls for short hair

Here is what you need to know about curls for short hair. This is a style that has been in practice since the 17th century, Wow! That’s pretty old, but that does not out date it.

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Before taking that curling iron through your hair, make sure it is clean and dry. The best curling iron to use for nice loose hair curls results is the 1 inch diameter curling iron.

Straighten your hair adding small amounts of styling gel. It is advisable to apply Heat protection spray before proceeding.

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Are you in love with short hair curls?

Separate your short hair into about 2-3 sections, start culling from the front by curling it around the iron. Curl your hair away from your face towards the back or your head.

For superb results; use 1-2 inch sections of your short hair for each curl. Remember, don’t use large diameter curling iron, they will give you poor results.

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As you make the loose hair curls, leave the ends straight. Wrap your hair around the wand for 5-10 seconds and later finish the bottom layer moving to the top.

To finish, add final hair spray to look awesome. There are the loose short hair curls you desired!

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