Dark red long hair – 18 mnemonics to know!

Dark red long hair

There are few hair colors that can evoke the same strong reaction like that redheads. Some people literally see red before their eyes when a ginger-colored redhead encounters them, while others are warm.

Whether positive or negative, there always follows a violent reaction. I have an almost passionate passion for this color.

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Variety of shades

Dark red long hair comes in many shades for, from the palest pink strawberry blond, also called strawberry blond to the darkest red tinted auburn.

Long dark red hair can be of any composition, coarse, medium and fine, and can be just like any other hair color have any growth pattern, such as strokes, curly or straight hair.

There are a few exceptions, so here are some tips for people with red hair.

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Sensitivity to the sun

People with dark red long hair have every reason to be extremely careful in the sun. The red pigment in hair provides an inadequate for filter the sunlight, and the skin of redheads is generally very sensitive to sunburn, freckles, skin cancer and wrinkling with age.

For parents of redheaded children it is an important task for them to teach the children the discipline the habit of always sun screening with , a cap or a hat and other protective clothing against the dangers of exposure to sunlight.

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Avoiding clashing colors

Any kind of dark red long hair has either a red or an orange pigment as the base color. Long dark brown hair with red highlights and pink strawberry blond hair usually has an orange base and these people often have freckles and very pale skin.

In these people, the eyes can be any color, but usually they have a light color.

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Best tips

The advice given color have primarily relate to the clothes, but they are also of course applies to the makeup.

There is an easy rule of thumb for the makeup, which also applies to orange and red pigmented dark red long hair.

Red is a warm color, which of course also requires warm shades in makeup. The long dark brown hair with red highlights based on orange pigment get a beautiful face that is made up with make-up in soft tones from the hot group, for example a soft pink blush.

The red pigmented dark red long hair and the darker shades of warm are good, like cherry red.

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Remember the following mnemonic

Red (fire) = warm, so warm colors

Lighter red (orange) <= lighter, soft colors || richer colors => darker red (chestnut)

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Make your red at its best

A good hair care is very important, what color hair you have. If red hair is damaged, it will make it look even more rigid than in a different color hair.

Because red hair is a huge attention grabber, proper hair care is a must! Therefore it is very important that every day, your long dark brown hair with red is treated with a conditioner.

Healthy-looking and long dark brown hair with red highlights allows the red pigment literally glow, let it speak the fire in your hair.

So whether your red hair is short or long, or whether it is straight or curly, make sure that it keeps always so soft and healthy as possible, and you’ll be happy with the compliments you get.

And you will be sure to get them too!

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