Change your look with new hairstyles for short hair 2015

Are you looking for a little inspiration to your new hair cut? For all those who dreamed of crossing their charm one day, it’s now possible!

Finished the magical and mysterious histories belonging to the fairy and the supernatural, the short hair will be in a few months the more excitant in our streets.

Finally, everything is relative. But new hairstyles for short hair 2015 will allow the disappointed of this hairstyle to get compensation.

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There is something for all tastes:

You can keep your hair color or make special colorations, the sizes are adjustable according to the length of hair.

Easy to make, easy to style, this short, degraded haircut, nicely decorated, not only will give you good looks, but will allow you to comb easily your hair afterwards in just one blink of eye.

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How to make your new 2015 hairstyle for short hair

This cut, which gives volume to the hair can be done on all hair: mid long to long, wavy or stiff. It suits everyone.

It shows your face shining, highlighting the cheekbones, eyes and mouth. With paper scissors, start by shortening your hair in front up to the height of the lobe of your ears, and behind longer by 2 to 4 centimeters.

If you don’t cut straight and if this kind of square plunges on one side, or if there were scales, it doesn’t matter. It is only a preparation for the tapered cut.

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Make your hairstyle and Change it easily

Depending, if you want a new hairstyle for short hair 2015 fluffy bounded to the forward or straight the back, you can always do the two in the same hairstyle, you can change each time you desire.

Always start by doing the first wick, so grasp between two fingers of the left hand a wick at the back on the top of the skull, and with the right hand slide slightly the scissors without insisting too much. Insist only at the end of the wick, with being careful to not cut more than one or two centimeters.

Then work wicks by wicks, on all the top of the skull, with this same technique.

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If you have a round face, you must taper very lightly. Leave wicks hiding your cheeks to lengthen the face, and if you like to cover the ears you can also do little there.

A few millimeters are enough to give movement to the hair.

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Otherwise using the same technique, continue to degrade and taper each side, always wicks by wicks to have new hairstyles for short hair 2015.

Lastly, tap the hair on the neck, to give great look to the hairstyle it is necessary to leave only few wicks in a point to the neck.

Afterwards, you finish the work by combing very well and say hello to your new hairstyle.

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