Nice short haircuts – 10 trends of 2017

Nice short hair cuts are what people are looking at for 2017! Spring is around the corner and people are wanting to cut their nice locks off for a nice short haircut.

Short hair cuts are breezy for the hotter months and will help you keep cool. Not to forget, they can be so easy to style!

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Short Haircuts for Men

Men typically go for nice short haircuts and it can be hard for them to mix it up and not get the same thing every time.

A man might want to try the new trend of fading. Fading is when the hair is short on the side and longer on the top.

Or they can try a Caesar cut, which is when their hair on the top of the head is layered while the back and sides are tapered.

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Short Haircuts for Black Ladies

Being a Black lady, you usually let your gorgeous unique hair texture fall long. However, we’re seeing more and more nice short haircuts on black ladies lately.

A pixie haircut can look stunning on a black woman. We have seen so many black celebrities rocking this look lately.

Another nice short haircut that has been popping up is the bob. A black woman with a bob can really give you an edge and mix up your look.

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