TOP 10 Old lady hair styles of 2017

They are a classic hairstyle for the old lady hair or option for women over 50. They help in highlighting your features at its best.

You will have to get it trimmed every 4-6 weeks, they are low-maintenance. One can easily wash this hairstyle and add some pomade for texture.

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Long Bangs

Long Bangs on short haircut helps in hiding a high forehead. Bangs are great for covering up a hairline that starts way back on the head. Bangs are youthful, bringing attention to your eyes.

They can help you add volume to flat and lifeless hair. They look great on old lady hairs.

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Long Bob

The Long Bob has been around for a few seasons and is still hot this year but it has a new name- demi-bob. It’s a bob that falls anywhere between the mid-neck and the shoulders.

The long bob is great for women with hair that falls flat when grown longer. Flat, lifeless hair is something you might battle as you age.

The secret to voluminous hair lies in a good hair cut and great styling. The shorter you go the better your hair will hold it’s shape.

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Side-swept Hair

Short hairstyle includes side-swept bangs. Bangs are great for older women because they make you look more young and they bring attention to your features.

They can be of high-maintenance on old lady hair.

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Short and edgy

It takes guts to get a super-short, edgy haircut but the results can be cool and sophisticated. Whether you are seeking a cut that’s sexy or funky or sweet, go for short and edgy for old lady hairs.

Old lady hair photo - 8

Old Lady Blue Hair

This is done by some old women to dye their grey hair. The blue color adds a fashion statement to their hairstyles.

Blue hair color with short hairstyle adds glamour to the old lady hair.

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