How to do a S curl short hair? 4 simple steps to consider

S curl short hair, s curl hairstyle has provided a great way for women with short hair to become beautiful.

Having short hair does not in any way mean that you can’t make it as beautiful as you want it to look. S curl short hairstyle has become a big deal. But the underlying question is, how do you do it?

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Getting started; how to do it

Below is an outline on how to do s curl short hairstyle

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Prepare your hair

First things first, ensure your hair is clean, dry and fairly straight.
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Separate your hair

Separate your hair into sections using a salon comb and make use of a couple of salon clips on top of the hair.
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Start curling

Wrap a small section of the hair around the curling iron, ensure it is as far from the skin as possible.
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Keep the ends straight

Short hair will look awesome when the ends are straight.
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